Yamaha R1

the yamaha R1 is known for its tremendous raw power delivery. it is considered as the craziest track tools in the world of sportsbikes....
Since its launch in 1998, it has gone thru numerous upgrades. yamaha R1 has a conventional 4 valve per cylinder layout, and also includes the YAMAHA CHIP CONTROL INTAKE (YCC-I) electronic variable length intake funnel system and the YAMAHA CHIP CONTROL THROTTLE (YCC-T) fly by wire throttle system.......
Design wise, the R1 is the sharpest looking motorcycle in the world. the 'Snake-eyes' inspired headlights with projection beam look very aggressive.
the best part of it is that this is the first ultimate sportsbike to be offered in INDIA...!!!!!

technical data:
0-100kmph --> 2.8 secs
998cc, 16 valve, liquid cooled DOHC engine.
6-speed multiplate clutch system.
dual 310mm front discs and 220mm single rear disc.
single shock adjustable suspension for comfortable ride...

Rs 8.5 lakh excluding customs & other duties in INDIA.