Toyota Supra...the Drift King in a new Avatar..

Toyota's "21st century sports car" concept has gossips talking about a new Supra. Is that big sports coupe about to be reborn as a mean-and-green hybrid? Right now, the odds are better than even.

Gossips love concept vehicles, especially those that seem to belong in showrooms already. Take the Toyota FT-HS. Unveiled at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show as a "21st-century sports car," it reminded some of Toyota's well-liked Supra. And why not? It's another high-style sporty coupe with rear-wheel drive, a six-cylinder engine, and seating for four. Obviously, a new Supra was on the way, and with gas/electric power to boot. After all, FT-HS stands for "Future Toyota-Hybrid Sport."Even if the oddsmakers are right, there's still the question of how much of the concept design could be retained for a "mid-price sports/GT." For example, the FT-HS powertrain assumes a 3.5-liter V6, familia r from many current Toyotas , but also a new Hybrid Synergy Drive that has yet to be developed. Toyota says the concept has a total 400 net horsepower, good for 0-60 mph in around four seconds, but has yet to project fuel economy or emissions ratings, except to say that both would be really good.

But concepts are expected to have way-out features--it's all about the buzz, you know--and Toyota doesn't do these exercises just for fun. We imagine the FT-HS is already being adapted for retail sale wearing the Supra badge.

A Notable Feature of the 2010 Toyota Supra
The FT-HS uses a carbon-fiber beam to divide the cockpit left and right. Toyota says it enhances structural rigidity, but it also lends what designers call a "skeletal" appearance. Another novelty is a power-operated carbon/Kevlar roof panel that pivots to stow in the rear-seat area. Nodding to Ferrari and Porsche are a see-through hood panel to show off the front-mounted engine and a rear spoiler that powers up at higher speeds to enhance stability. The spoiler idea would almost certainly survive on a new Supra, but the other features seem questionable because of cost and/or practicality. We'll see what Toyota delivers.

2010 Toyota Supra Preliminary Specifications

toyota ft-hs
FT-HS features a see-through hood panel to show off the front-mounted engine and a rear spoiler that powers up at higher speeds to enhance stability.

The Basic

Vehicle Type: sporty/performance coupe


Drive wheels: rear

Engine: 3.5-liter V6/electric

Horsepower: 400

Torque: 375 pound-feet (CG estimate)

Transmission: continuously variable automatic


Wheelbase: 104.3 inches

Length: 170.3 inches

Width: 73.2 inches

Height: 50.8 inches

Base curb weight: 3750 pounds (CG estimate)


milind naikare said...

better than the old Supra....much much better...thanks to TOYOTA's hybrid technology.