Honda Unicorn's 1st Birthday !!!!

This is my First bike...
its not that this was actually the first bike i drove.......but, officially this bike was gifted by my dad to me n only for me.
We got the bike Delivered on 4th Feb 2010 at our house.

Before that...........
We had booked it in Mid-December 2009.
The Dealer said that the bike was selling like hot-cakes, and it will take almost 4 months for the bike to be delivered to us.
But, due to my constant call up to the showroom must have made the dealer go Crazy, and he delivered the bike in just 40 days !!!! ha ha ha....

But, seriously, between those days, i was only thinking of which color of the bike should be, whether it should have a 3D logo, or with the Graphics....blah blah blah....all sorts of things were in my mind and i decided that it should be Black in color and with a 3D Winged Logo.
But, finally on 4th Feb, when the bike was in my Door Step, i was literally drooling over for hours on my Brand New CB150 HONDA UNICORN !!!!! was my Dream come true......

I have driven it in all sorts of roads n all sorts of weather conditions.
My dad sometimes take it to My Native place at Pune, almost 200kms here from Mumbai.
and the Best part is......My bike never says NO !!!!
Wherever u wanted to would just make sure that u would reach there with ease n Comfort.
My friends say, its just a normal Commuter bike, you should have opted for the hottest 150cc sport bikes in the Market such as the Yamaha FZ and the TVS Apache RTR 160.
But, i always had a trust on Honda's.
Maybe becoz i learned driving on the Hero Honda Splendor, and so on....
i just liked the Refinement the Honda Bikes provided during the travel....
not a sound from the engine...thats what i liked very much.

and so, even after a whole 1 year, my Bike is still going strong (thanks to the Better Servicing's here by Honda's), and more......has become MY BEST FRIEND now.....!!!

I also clicked some awesome pics of me and my bike to celebrate its very 1st Birthday !!!!
Happy Birthday UNICORN !!!!!
9,000kms + and still going Strong !!!!!
God Bless U.... :)
Be a Wing Rider....!!!!!!!!